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Creative Building Corporation (CBC) is one of the leading design/build companies in the entire Midwest. At CBC, we believe that one of the most important aspects of a home is that it flows comfortably.  We like to use the term “functional grandeur”. It means that all aspects of each design must work smoothly together both visually and functionally.

Creative Building Corporation manages each project from start to finish. To both design and build a home naturally helps CBC stay on the same page with its clients. Building a new home should be a wonderful experience. It’s a chance to contemplate one’s home life and build something that will have a lasting, elevating impact on it. For this reason more and more families are “making the right choice” and choosing Creative Building Corporation as their home builder.

Creative Building Corporation is proud to compete against the top builders and win both Gold (Entire Home Remodel category) and Platinum (Specialty remodel category) BALA Awards.

Sioux Falls Business Receives A National Honor
by KDLT News
A Sioux Falls home builder and designer is being honored as one of the best in the country. Creative Building Corporation transformed a traditional style home built in 1994 into an award winning ultra contemporary home. The Sioux Falls company won two “best in American living” awards, presented by the National Association of Home Builders. The 7,400 square foot home is located in Las Vegas, and features floor to ceiling windows and a 185-foot stream with a waterfall. They rent the home to the movie and entertainment industry.

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“We really enjoyed working with Troy due to his attention to detail. It was always our dream to build a quality home and this dream was realized by CBC. From the initial design phase through construction, Troy provided us with impeccable service and guidance. His attention to detail and access to quality craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. I strongly recommend anyone considering a project to use Mr. Stallings’ talents since the experience will be extremely positive and the results superior to other builders.

       Sincerely, Dick & Kathy Sweetman

“Right away, we found Troy to be approachable, attentive and keenly interested in our future home. We went through the process of interviewing several other builders, but no one else seemed to measure up to Troy in terms of both personality and quality of workmanship on his past homes. We worked with Troy on a consulting basis for almost a year prior to construction commencing. Throughout that time, Troy gave valuable input into the design of our home, saving us thousands of dollars on paper by advising our design team from a builder’s point of view, and in the process, helping us to create an even better and more functional home…

       Rose Virnig

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